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The coding community is slowly becoming one of the fastest developing spaces in the market. This course will provide a thorough understanding of all the fundamental programming ideas, and the broad perspective. You will gain from taking it will help you grasp any language.

Upskill for Your Dream Job

15th of every month

Application Deadline:
 13th of every month

200 hours Training
Live classes

INR 2,00,000
(inclusive GST)

Special Corporate Enrolment Pricing

Graduate or Diploma Holder with at least 50% marks in either Diploma or graduation or post-graduation or its equivalent.

Programme Overview

The coding community is gradually becoming one of the market’s fastest growing spaces. This course will give you a deep understanding of all the essential programming concepts, and the broad perspective you will receive will help you understand any language.

In this course, you will learn

  • programming basics and how programming is used to create apps.
  • define variables and operators.
  • the precedence of the operators.
  • basics required to pass the programming rounds.

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Who is this Programme for?

  • BTech/BSC/IT/ECE graduates who want to increase their industry readiness

  • Industry Professionals who want to upskill

Programme Highlights

Build expertise

Rigorous, vibrant learning

Competitive advantage

Get a certificate from Careerthon

Balanced learning

A combination of strategy and operations, left and right brain

Get the latest thinking

Combination of recorded lectures, assignments* and quizzes

Highly interactive pedagogy

Combination of recorded lectures, assignments* and quizzes

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals of coding
  • Execute crucial codings for applications
  • Optimize programming
  • Strategise application development
  • 360-design Alignment to make the application development smoother and optimal

Programme Modules

  •  Decision trees & control
  •  Binary number system
  •  Strings
  •  Arithmetic operators
  •  Loops
  • HTML
    • HTML Basics
    • Tables
    • List
    • Working with Links
    • Image Handling
    • Frames
    • HTML Forms for user input
    • New Form Elements
  • CSS 3
    • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets 3.0
    • Working with Text and Fonts
    • CSS Selectors
    • Class selector
    • Color and borders
    • Implementing CSS3 in the “Real World”
  • OOPS
  • Understanding the Backend
  • REST vs GraphQL
  • Connecting Node & React
  • MERN – Essentials
  • Creating our Development Environment & the Development Servers
  • Diving Deeper Into the Code


  • SELECT statement structure and evaluation order.
  • SELECT clause Syntax and examples.
  • DISTINCT keyword in SELECT clause.
  • WHERE clause : Introduction.
  • WHERE clause : Operators.
  • WHERE clause : Logical Operators – AND, OR, NOT.
  • WHERE clause : AND, OR, NOT – Together.
  • ORDER BY clause : ASC, DESC
  • LIKE and Wildcard Operators.
  • NULL values and IS NULL & IS NOT NULL.
  • Aggregate Functions : SUM(), AVG(), MIN(), MAX().
  • Aggregate Functions : COUNT().
  • GROUP BY clause.
  • GROUP BY clause : Multiple columns
  • HAVING clause and rules.
  • Set Manipulation Operators : Rules.
  • Set Manipulation Operators : UNION, INTERSECTION, MINUS.
  • Joins : Introduction, Cross Join.
  • Joins : Theta Join / Conditional Join.
  • Joins : Equi Join.
  • A Brief Introduction to JavaScript
  • Linking a JavaScript File
  • Values and Variables
  • Data Types
  • let, const and var
  • Basic Operators
  • Operator Precedence
  • Strings and Template Literals
  • Taking Decisions: if / else Statements
  • Type Conversion and Coercion
  • Truthy and Falsy Values
  • Equality Operators: == vs. ===
  • Boolean Logic
  • Logical Operators
  • The switch Statement
  • Statements and Expressions
  • The Conditional (Ternary) Operator
  • Python Basics
  • A Brief Introduction to BI Tools
  • Note: Modules/ topics are indicative only, and the suggested time and sequence may be dropped/ modified/ adapted to fit the total programme hours.

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