Training & Employability Engagement Agreement – ISA 2022

    This Agreement is made effective on

    By and Between
    Careerthon Services a company incorporated as Proprietorship Organization registered at Shaberi, Gr Noida, U.P (Hereinafter referred as “Careerthon'').


    He/She has been a student of the course and undertaking the said course in the College/University, (Hereinafter referred as “Student”).

    Whereas, Careerthon is a skilling & employability enabler. Careerthon is focussed to bridge the gap between academy and industry through skill-enabling UnderGraduate and Postgraduate programmes. Our programmes are designed and developed to cater the fast-growing industry sectors in collaboration with industry experts.

    Whereas, the Student showed interest, and willingness to enrol himself/herself under the (ISA 2022) (Hereinafter referred as “Program”).

    Terms and Conditions –

    1. Careerthon hereby agrees to arrange the training on Topic mentioned on the website under Train & Hire ), for 300+ Hrs.
    2. Students agree to attend 90% of class and complete assignments.
    3. Payment Terms:
      • Student will be entitled for given fees if placed as per slab
      • Payment Terms are applicable once registered and Signed ISA.
    4. Salary CTC Payment (INR) Branch Eligible
      6lPA-9.5 LPA 80,000/- CS, IT, EC, EE
      9.5LPA-14LPA 1,00,000/- CS, IT, EC,EE
      14LPA-20 LPA 1,50,000/- CS, IT, EC,EE
      20 LPA and above 2,00,000/- CS, IT, EC,EE
      4-6LPA 60,000/- CS, IT, EC,EE
      3-4LPA 40,000/- All Branches
    5. Post Completion of the Program student agrees to appear for final assessment
    6. Students will start getting opportunities once enrolled.
    7. The Program shall be implemented virtually as per the discretion and availability of resources of Careerthon. Students must ensure to have a working Laptop and internet connectivity to attend the program classes.
    8. Students acknowledge that he/she shall be eligible and be given an employment offer.
    9. Students can apply for an organization offering double the package he/she already has..
    10. Students must only appear for organization if he or she is interested in roles offered and must join the company.
    11. Internship:
      • During Internship Student Salary will be between Inr 20000/- 35000/- if it’s lesser than 20000/- then EMI will start once actual salary starts.
      • Internship Period will be 3-6 month if student agrees to join in 8th Semester
      • In case Student are free from college/university to join in 7th Semester than company offer 1 year internship and stipend may remain same as mention
      • It has been observed in a few cases companies offer only internship letters initially. Post successful completion of internship with the company, revise the new offer with updated salary packages.

    12. Student acknowledges and agrees that, he/she shall be paying- INR 10,000 as a non-refundable advance payment to register for programme, and balance of the Program fees as per given above fees format , Student agrees to pay to Careerthon after receiving first payment from the company he/she joins. For avoidance of doubts,. Furthermore, Student will have an option to make the rest of the payment by himself/herself, or the same amount can also be financed by our Funding Partner “GYAN Dhan” and can be paid in 10 emi’s which will be deducted once candidates start getting their first salary.
    13. Careerthon agrees to provide tech jobs to student like(SDE, BTA, Business analyst, Testing engineer, Cloud engineer or GET’s e.g). However if students agree for a non tech job like sales role for higher packages then only we will share such opportunity but terms & Conditions remain same.
    14. Before joining the Company, the Students agree to request for an NOC from Careerthon, and present the same to the respective Company from where the Student received a job-cum-internship offer.
    15. Companies have their onset of HR policies, and regulations. The Student agrees to sign off all the relevant agreements at the Company.
    16. Careerthon is entitled to request Students for a video and written testimonials for digital collateral and marketing purposes and students agree and render his/her consent for the same.

    I S/O accept the above mentioned terms & Condition and hereby, ready to enroll for ISA (Program).

    Authorize Signature
    Careerthon Services
    Prashant Khare
    Designation : CEO
    Your Sign