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Level I

Core Java & SQL

  • Java Basics for Beginners : Learn Java Fundamentals by Coding
  • Learn Advanced Java Programming
  • The Complete MySQL Developer Course
  • Mastering Junit

Level II

Web Technology

  • Build Real World Websites using HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript for Beginners - Learn JavaScript from Scratch
  • Servlet & JSP : A Complete Guide

Level III

Application Development

  • Hands-On Application Development with Java

Level IV

Core Java & SQL

  • Java Basics for Beginners : Learn Java Fundamentals by Coding
  • Learn Advanced Java Programming
  • The Complete MySQL Developer Course
  • Mastering Junit

Level V

Liferay DXP

  • Building Digital Experiences with Liferay DXP
  • Managing User Accounts
  • Controlling User Access
  • Site Building Feature Overview

Level VI

Back-End Developer

  • Setting up the Development Environment
  • OSGi Basics
  • Liferay’s OSGi Container
  • Managing OSGi Bundles
  • Working with Portlet Modules

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

  • Basics of JAVA Programming
  • Conditional Statements
  • Looping Statements
  • Functions
  • 1-D Array
  • 2-D Array
  • Strings
  • Recursion
  • Command Line Arguments
  • Classes and Objects
  • Collections I
  • Relationships
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract and Interface
  • Exception Handling
  • Multithreading
  • String / StringBuffer / StringTokenizer
  • Collections II
  • Streams and Writers
  • Annotations / Lambda Expressions
  • JDBC
  • ER Diagram
  • DDL & DML Statements
  • BAsic SELECT Queries
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Date, Time, String Functions
  • Joins
  • Views
  • Procedures & Functions
  • Triggers
  • Exceptions
  • Set Operators
  • General Assertions / Managing Failure with @Ignore
  • Number Equality / Object Equality / Array Equality
  • BAsic AssertThat Option / AsserThat Statement
  • Collections and assertThat
  • Exceptions / Parameterized Test
  • Custom assertThat MAtches / Assume
  • Test Fixtures & Test Execution Ordering / Enhancing Test with Rules / Test Mockups
  • HTML Tags, Elements, Attribute
  • HTML Images
  • HTML Tables
  • HTML Links
  • HTML Lists
  • HTML Forms
  • CSS Images & Links
  • CSS Tables, Border & Margins
  • CSS Lists, Padding & Cursors
  • CSS Charts, Media Types and Other Properties
  • JS Basics
  • JS Controls Statements
  • JS Objects, Number, Boolean
  • JS Strings
  • JS Arrays
  • JS Functions and Events
  • JS Date, Math, RegExp & Validations
  • JS DOM Events and Events Listeners
  • JS Error Handling
  • JS Multimedia & Images Map
  • Servlet Basics
  • Form Data Processing
  • Events and Listeners
  • Servlet Filter
  • Session Management
  • JSP Elements and Directives
  • JSP Implict Objects and Action Tags
  • JSP and Custom Tags
  • Web Application Developement
  • Software Engineering Phases
  • Use Case Diagrams
  • Activity Diagram
  • ER Diagram
  • SQL Basic Quries
  • Application Specific Queries
  • Class Diagram
  • Java - Object Oriented Programming
  • JDBC
  • DAO Layer Implementation
  • BIO Layer Implementation
  • UI Layer Implementation
  • Junit
  • Functional Testing - DAO and BO
  • User Acceotance Testing
  • Introduction to Spring Core and IOC
  • Init Collection / Auto wiring / Bean Scope
  • JDBC Template / Integrating with Hibernate
  • Spring MVC / Dispatcher Servlet
  • Filters / Annotated Controllers / Form Handling
  • Forms and Validation
  • Hibernate Introduction
  • Relationship Mapping
  • Hibernate Annotation
  • Transactions, Caching and Schema Generation
  • HQL and Native Queries
  • Criteria Queries
  • BAtch Processing and Interceptors
  • Selenium Web Drivers and Locators
  • User Interaction
  • Handling RegEx and file upload
  • TestNG
  • TestNG Data provider
  • PAge Object Model
  • Selenium Framework
  • What is Liferay?
  • Liferay DXP Problem-Solving
  • Liferay DXP Administration Overview and Navigation
  • Import Your Users into Liferay 
  • Manage and Organize Users 
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Controlling Specific Permissions on Sites 
  • Building Sites 
  • Adding and Managing Pages
  • Content Feature Overview 
  • Development Environment Setup 
  • The OSGi Framework  
  • Bundles 
  • Components and Services
  • Sharing Features
  • OSGi Architecture
  • OSGi Benefits 
  • Introducing Liferay Modules
  • Working with Liferay Workspace
  • Manage Module Dependencies
  • Manage OSGi Bundles with the Gogo Shell 
  • Using Felix Web Console 
  • Java Standard Portlet
  • Working with Liferay Portlet Modules

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Frequently Asked Questions

This Course comes under  Industrial Employability Programme, we are trying to develop community for Liferay partner ecosystem in India. On successful completion of whole programme student will be awarded with certificate & will be  eligible to get recruitment opportunities from Liferay and there partners.

Because it good wide range of features and got awarded 10th times as Leader in Magic Quadrant of Gartner for DXP.

This is to skill you on Java full stack and Liferay DxP(Digital Experience platform)Technology.

This programme is not going to be easy it would require dedicated 15-20 hrs  per week of involvement on E learning & assignments.

The whole training pedagogy is based learning, practice and implementation. There will be lot of interaction with industry leaders and expert mentors to help you with project completion.

Post successful completion you will get certificate  of completion  from Liferay and Careerthon Services.

As you are going to be part of digital transformation industry i.e Dxp Industry contributes 1.7trillion USD and in Covid -19 situation Industry is rapidly moving towards digital transformation.

(a) You will get support on mock interview from experts to guide you thru whole process.

(b) You profile will be shared with partner ecosystem of Liferay.

On completion of session you will have Q&A session. In case of any doubt you can reach to our training manager and book the slot with instructor your doubts will be solved earliest.

Programme fees for Liferay University Programme

  • Programme fees is 1lac inclusive of tax
  • Student can avail Education loan with no interest paid.
  • You can claim refund before beginning of classes only GST will not be refunded.
  • Student can pay fees in 10 EMi’s with education loan
  • Student who are paying fees by self can pay it in four instalments Rs 25000/- each month.
  • There will be no refund once training starts.However due to any unavoidable circumstance student can not attend the programme then he/she can opt for next batch.

If you have interest in product development/ core technology role/ Digital transformation  then your are opting for right programme.

As there are only 40 seat for batch of September 2020 and we make two batches in a year for this programme. We have entrance test from third party and based on score student will be onboard  for programme. However any student have score from Amcat/ My Anatomy in last 90 days can share those scores.

B.tech (CS, IT,EC) Students passing out in 2021  or passed out in year 2019/2020 or have work experience less than 1 year can apply for programme.

No hidden charges only  student have to get the assessment  by themselves which cost Rs100/-

  • Student must have 90% attendance during session
  • Any misbehave with  colleague/ instructor/mentor will not be tolerated and taken as disciplinary action.Same feedback will be shared with corporate for recruitment and can be refrained from placement support.
  • Student must score above 80% in assessment during training
  • Completion of projects given is mandatory for all the trainee else you will not be considered for job opportunity  and will be marked as placed.

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